So many of us are on social media and see it as a harmless distraction or a way to connect with our friends and family but for those struggling with anxiety or depression, social media can cause more harm than good.

In this episode, Amalya Tagakchyan, a licensed social worker, addresses the mental health stigma common to many cultures and the importance of normalizing mental health and wellness. 

She also addresses the role social media can play in worsening anxiety and depression.  With so many individuals feeling cut off from family and friends, social media is heavily relied upon to feel connected socially but this can also lead to feeling more depressed and anxious.

We also discuss the importance of setting limits and creating balance in our consumption of social media. 

The issues with doom scrolling, fear about the future, worry for our families, vicarious traumatization, and the addiction aspect of social media, along with envy and jealousy related to comparing our unedited lives to the perfectly curated and filtered lives of social media influencers, as well as body dysmorphia are addressed in this episode. 

Tune in to join us for this very important discussion! 

Amalya can be reached on Instagram @amalya_talks_therapy

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