Sarah Morphew, an artist and inner peace guide, had a deep need for wanting to be happy since she was a young child.  Due to her history with anxiety, Sarah started on a path to healing that ultimately led her to help others.  

Although she started out as a photographer, several mentors and teachers guided her towards self awareness and discovery.  Since the start of the pandemic, Sarah haas shifted her focus and energy on self acceptance and self compassion as a way to deal with the uncertainty of the world.  Her personal struggle with anxiety continues to motivate her towards growth, acceptance, and awareness.  

In this episode, Sarah addresses the importance of self care, self compassion, and self love and explains why women struggle so much with it all.  Sarah also shares some practical steps we all can take to be more loving, caring, and compassionate towards ourselves.

Be sure to listen until the end for a soothing, self calming moment with Sarah.  

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