Individual Therapy

I work with teenagers, young adults, adults, and senior adults providing individual therapy in a warm, collaborative manner to help achieve life goals.  We can look at the behaviors, thoughts, and feelings that might be interfering with your happiness and find out what we can do to improve your life.  We’ll work together to develop a plan, break down the problem(s) into small parts, and start addressing issues one by one.

In therapy with individuals, I am always conscious of the context in which they live.  This may include taking into account families (whether a teenager, young adult, or adult child), cultural and religious backgrounds, friendships, work relationships, and communities.  We’ll look at ways to increase your support system and help improve your relationships with others.

To make an appointment for an assessment and/or discuss recommendations for treatment, please contact me at (623) 512-4853 ext. 117  or complete the form below.