Behavior Problems

Opposition Defiant Disorder* Symptoms May Include:

  1. Often Loses Temper
  2. Argues with Adults
  3. Defies or Refuses to Comply with Adults
  4. Deliberately Annoys People
  5. Blames Others for His or Her Mistakes
  6. Acts Touchy or Easily Annoyed by Others
  7. Acts Angry and Resentful
  8. Behaves Spitefully or Vindictively


  1. Behaves Aggressively to People or Animals
  2. Destroys Property
  3. Acts Deceitful or Steals
  4. Commits Serious Rule Violations (e.g., running away, skipping school)

*It is important to note that these problems can be resolved and are not permanent.  These disorders are descriptions of behaviors that can be related to individual and situational factors, so context must be taken into account.  It is important to not be confused by the word disorder as if it were a problem that will have to be dealt with throughout life.  Also, there is a lot of research and evidence based and empirically validated models for treatment for these problems.