Substance Abuse Problems

The use of drugs and/or alcohol can become very problematic in people’s life and these behaviors can be extremely hard to stop.  Whether you’re addicted or just need help cutting down or stopping your use, therapy can help you identify why you’re using and help you find new ways of coping with those stressors that drive you to use.  Many people have different experiences and feelings about their use. Some feel that they are addicted and can never use again. Others may not feel that they have an addiction and are just trying to cut down on their use.  I like to encourage the involvement of family and friends in helping individuals to deal with problematic drug or alcohol use.  Drug and alcohol problems can be hard on the person using, their partners, children, parents, siblings, and other important people in their life.

The most important thing to know is that you are not alone.  Therapy can help you deal with the problem, make changes, and maintain the progress in recovery that you desire.  Through therapy, we can begin to identify triggers for your use, develop alternative means for coping with difficult feelings and cravings, and develop support systems that will encourage you to meet your goals.  We can help you regain your life and rebuild your relationships.  Don’t give up! Its never too late to change your habits.  If your family member or loved one has a problem but is unwilling to get help, you can come in for support and tools to help you deal with your loved one’s drug and/or alcohol problems.