Avoiding Therapy Due to Not Wanting to Take Medication

Is medication….or NOT wanting to take medication standing in the way of treating mental illness?

In this video I discuss how medication is just one part, if any, to getting treated for mental illness.  With so many treatment options available, medication doesn’t have to be part of the treatment plan.   In my work with my patients and students, I empower them to learn about all the options available and make the best decision for them.   My goal is to reduce dependency on outside sources and focus more on internal tools and abilities.   

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Make Time for Therapy

Making your mental health a priority can improve your life in all areas, including financially and your relationships.

Not investing in your mental health can also cost you time, money, jobs, and joy in your life.

In this video, I address the importance of making time for therapy and investing in your mental health.

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The Negative Impact of Stress On Anxiety

High levels of stress can worsen your anxiety.

In this video I address how you can manage your stress levels for more control of your anxiety.

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Why OCD is the Best Disorder To Have

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, or OCD, is an anxiety based disorder. In this video I discuss how OCD can impact your life and what you should do to take back control. I also talk about OCD being one of the best disorders to have....if you are in control of it and can make it work for you.
OCD is manageable and can be treated but you must get support and training with it. If left untreated, OCD can limit your life and be debilitating in extreme cases, so it's important to get help. The sooner you get help and treatment, the better.  If you struggle with Religious OCD, please check out my minibook that explains what Religious OCD is and includes some tips to start using today.